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We value creativity

and sustainability.

Meet the team
Our shared purpose

Our vision is simple – to be happy and live well.

We are always looking forward to learning new things and meeting new people. Our career path has been a journey of sharing our time and energy to create and collaborate with like-minded individuals and companies, who care about our planet and its creatures.

Meet Our Team

We care about sustainability and the environment. Authenticity and originality are important to us.


Lorie Halliday

Writer & editor

Lorie has worked over a decade as a professional journalist, exploring Asia and writing extensively about the people and places. She has written for newspapers, magazines and non-profit organizations. She has a Master of Arts in International Journalism Studies. Her stint as a Senior Editor for CNN Philippines and the Hinrich Foundation, and News Producer for Swiss Television SRF sharpened her storytelling and editing skills.

She began her journalism profession writing news and feature stories for Philippine newspapers—Mindanews and Edge Davao. Her published articles cover the environment, business, politics, governance, travel, lifestyle and profiles. She has contributed stories to The Diplomat, Discovery Reports Groups, Inquirer, Mabuhay and Destination Deluxe.

Her fascination with ancient buildings and prehistoric monuments, as well as linguistics and philosophy, inspires her to travel. Lorie grew up by the beach. She enjoys surfing and all her native little islands, and wildlife, especially the turtles.


Benjamin Halliday

Music producer & sound engineer

Benjamin has been writing, recording and producing music for about 15 years. His main preoccupation is music production and sampling, and he likes to experiment with audio textures and incorporates them into his projects.

He plays a few instruments, but mostly composes using a combination of the Reaper DAW with Maschine and Arturia virtual instruments. He is currently creating ambient audio stories and experimenting with binaural composition. For him, it's a very exciting time to be an audio and music nerd.

When he's not playing rockabilly songs on his guitar, Benjamin writes children stories and tends his vegetable garden. He spends some sunny afternoons in one of Portugal's beaches, listening to the chorus of seagulls accompanied with the sound of waves from the Atlantic.


Julienne Mumar

Web Developer

Julienne has been a web developer for 15 years and has worked freelance since 2011. She studied Applied Mathematics in college and learned coding on the side. Being able to combine logic and design is what fires her passion for web development.

She is very organized and enjoys making lists. She has the most comprehensive IMDB page we've ever seen and she uses it to document her love of movies.

When not writing code or watching movies, Julienne loves to find other ways to indulge her creativity. She spends her time drawing, crocheting, and sometimes works as a photographer. She likes to shoot contemplative photos and revels in the effects of natural lighting on her subjects.


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