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It’s a story of how I met the answer to all my questions.

D eep within the dark, there is a breathing sound. A quiet breathing. The sound of deep concentration, the sound of deep … computation. Lots and lots of thinking, planning and organizing. This is the domain of the supercomputer.

The supercomputer is very smart. It likes to do maths for fun! Even just thinking about what it thinks about makes me sleepy.

Do you have a question for the supercomputer?

(What’s a million times a million?!)

“Pretty easy,” says the supercomputer.

It’s a godzillion, which means … erm, I don’t know. I’ll leave that to the supercomputer.

But this supercomputer has a heavy brain, full of data, zeros and ones, so much to process and analyze. It can’t be bothered to move at all.

All day long, it sits and watches. A satisfied look on its face. With all the knowledge of the universe contained inside it.

One day, I met the supercomputer by chance. It’s quite a privilege. It’s very rarely seen.

“Hey, I have a question for you!”

The supercomputer winked one open eye. It looked at me for a second, perhaps doing its automatic facial recognition, and then it looked away. It must have answered my question before I could ask it.

I wanted to make sure that it recognizes me, so I walked closer to the supercomputer. But, before I could take a step, it was gone.

Do you want to know what I asked it?

What are the birds saying? That’s what I wanted to know. I have always been asking this question to myself and to everyone I met. But, I think only the supercomputer knows the answer.

I think the birds are saying, “Beware the supercomputer!”

I just thought so because when I met the supercomputer, the birds were singing high in the trees.

I’ve never gotten closer to the birds. Only the supercomputer has the ability to decipher all the codes written in thousands of languages.

It can also communicate with all other species, just with a stare, especially human beings. But you have to be very quiet so you can receive the information. You also need to allow it to read your information, and detect your intention.

It must be so tiring to be a supercomputer but it seems very still and relaxed all the time. If you have all the answers to all questions that humans can think of, would you care to share them?

If you would, why do you think this supercomputer won’t talk to me at all?

Sometimes, I wished that I’m a supercomputer. It doesn’t have to go to school nor read books. It knows everything! It was made perfect.

I decided that I needed to know. I had so many questions I needed to ask. I ran through the town searching every corner, every dark room, asking everyone I met.

I spent the whole day searching and I got tired. My knees are wobbling like jelly. Nobody has the answer. They told me to go to the city library. They told me to look it up.

But I don’t have any more energy, so I decided to call it a day.

On my way home, I finally saw the supercomputer.

It was sitting on a wall by a stream watching the fish. I walked over. This time it didn’t run away. I put my hand on its head and it began to purr.

It’s quite a privilege.

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