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What you create is not just content.

It's your passion. Time and energy.
Your ART. Your authenticity.

Inspirations and resources for creativity are abundant, and lying everywhere around us. Dolmen Editing streamlines these resources for you.

We help people tell their stories.

We are a creative collective specializing in writing, audio, web and design.

Writing & Copy Editing

We give life to characters and share thoughts that others can resonate with.

Sound & Audio

Audio quality is important, but great audio is much more than that. We compose tracks with souls.

Web & Graphics

A visual project needs to do more than just dazzle. We design to represent your values and visions.

Virtual Assistance

Because of our dedication to giving creativity a chance, we can complete the extra tasks for you.


We love stories. Everybody, everywhere, all the time. We travel within them and weave them into our lives. Stories tell us where we’ve been and where we’re going.

The stories we learn as children stay with us. They feed our imaginations and build our identities. They are the well-thumbed fables that inform our morality and inspire us to be the best we can be. We know the importance of stories. It’s in their details. It’s how they are told.

dyaa eldin unsplash dreamcatcher

Listen to the stories we produced for children of all ages.

Great stories need to be recorded. We are the characters and chroniclers of history—the grand story of humanity.

We love to work with ethical individuals and companies that care about sustainability and the environment. Authenticity and originality are important to us. If you’re like us, let’s work together so we can share your stories in the best way we can.

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